About Us

We are an LGBT-focused, ages 55+, forming community in Durham, NC, with 15 acres of wooded land just 20 minutes from downtown Durham. We are gay and straight, single and coupled, working and retired, in Durham and beyond, and we represent a variety of professions, skills, and interests. 

Our Vision is to live in an active, caring community with the infrastructure to age in place, balancing the privacy of a smaller sustainable dwelling with opportunities for social engagement and the support of the larger community. 

Our Values include respect, sustainability, supporting health & aging in place, fiscal responsibility, balancing community & privacy, and beauty of the commons.

Our People

Ward and Ellen


Ward grew up in Hempstead, Long Island, NY, and is the oldest of six children, and Ellen was born in Nijmegen, The Netherlands (also known as Holland). Following four years of single parenthood Ellen met Ward, who was a widower and single dad to an 8-year old daughter. Read more about them here



Dona & Tony


Tony and I have known each other for 40+ years and have been married for 26 of them. We are native North Carolinians, me growing up in Raleigh (you won’t meet many of us!) and Tony growing up in the Burlington area. Learn more about us here




Helen & Kelly

Kelly and I met almost 25 years ago in Connecticut and have been together since then. (Someday, ask Kelly about how we met: he loves telling the story!)  Some of our shared interests are cycling, swimming, hiking, camping, and traveling with our popup camper. Learn more about them here





My name is Allan Vernon Keech. I am 69, born in England and after almost 30 years in NY working in the field of fashion, my partner and I retired early and moved to rural, southern Va. We spend much time in Durham and look forward to living there permanently. Click here to read more.

Allan & Christopher+




“Look back on your life and see if you can pinpoint the moment when everything changed.”

If it isn’t cheating, the following two moments qualify: in 1979 when I learned to meditate, and in 1985 when my (heterosexual) marriage broke up. Everything did indeed change, instantly, and so what better way to frame my own bio? Click here to read more. 



Linda Hobbet describes her life as eclectic and herself as a serial obsessive. Born in Iowa and growing up in Wisconsin, she has also lived in Illinois, North Carolina, upstate New York, California, and Georgia, plus shorter stays in Alaska and Tanzania. Click here to read more.




Pat & Margaret

Hello, my name is Margaret Roesch and I have been lucky enough to share the past 22 years with my wife, Pat McAulay, by my side. I am a transplant to NC from West Lafayette, IN, and it was the best thing I ever did. Find out more here



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