Getting Involved

The People:

Cohousers are creative, dynamic, energetic people who are interested in thinking “outside of the box” to build and live in a community where their values are key. See if our Vision & Values align with yours.

The Plan

Consider how you can meet & connect with members of Village Hearth to determine if VHC is a good fit for your priorities. Check our Upcoming Events

Identify the strengths, skills & talents that you will bring to our community. 

Meet in person or have a discussion by phone with Pat McAulay or Margaret Roesch.

Visit Durham to meet the local members and walk the land.

Ask about attending Plenary/Business meetings.

Ask about attending the monthly design workshops scheduled for January – April 2017.

The Finances:

There is no “cookie cutter” template for cohousing. Each community has been designed by members and experts who invest time, money, and “social capital” to create a community uniquely reflecting the vision and values of the members.

Cohousing communities are sold at actual cost with no developer earning a profit. Members financially support the pre construction phases of the community by prepaying their 20% downpayment on their homes. Our homes, sized from about 700sf to 1190sf, will range in price from $185,000 – the high $300s. 

The benefits of early membership include helping to create the culture of our community, seniority in home selection, and home price discounts. Details and discount deadlines upon request. 

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