Creating community to live lighter on our Earth

Oakcreek Cohousing Community, Stillwater, OK

Oakcreek Cohousing Community, Stillwater, OK

  • Energy costs are reduced with cohousing’s environmentally friendly structures, smaller sized dwellings, smart design, and shared walls.

  • Green materials and passive and active energy design will be included as much as is practical and affordable.

  • Homes will be clustered to preserve as much green space as possible for gardening and quiet enjoyment of nature.l_793ce5b0-79f7-11e1-b9e7-0f5805800004

  • Cohousers share many resources such as tools, exercise equipment, sewing machines, and small kitchen appliances.

  • Cohousing residents are said to reduce driving by 25% as neighbors share rides.

  • Xeriscaping with native plants will reduce water usage. Other sustainable practices may include recycling, composting, and rainwater collection.




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